We make it simple

ServeGate provides two-way access between Government and Corporate customers and MSI businesses.  We manage the entire tender process, including stakeholder management, to make it simple for customers to access MSI businesses to gain access to significant and sustainable work.

ServeGate’s role is as an honest broker with transparent processes and costings, enabling trusted relationships between ServeGate, our customers and our MSI member subcontractors.

We don’t compete

ServeGate puts MSI Businesses and their clients first. We act as a contract and project manager, subcontracting all delivery capabilities out to our startups and small businesses. We have no staff that compete for the work.

We want MSI Businesses to succeed

Our aim is to enable businesses to become independently strong. We actively encourage subcontractors to promote their brand to our clients for the purpose of eventually becoming direct suppliers to the same clients. Since 2015, we’ve assisted around 20 businesses to become commercially viable and independent from ServeGate. 

We’re not-for-profit

As a not-for-profit organisation, ServeGate charges a small management fee that covers our operating costs and charitable activities, passing the majority of the revenue to our subcontractors. We operate on a transparent basis – our financial statements are independently audited and publicly available on the ACNC website.