Yunaga Civil & Earth Pty Ltd (YCE), an Indigenous ServeGate member subcontractor based in the Upper Hunter region, initially approached ServeGate for assistance in re-establishing its business objectives – to generate sustainable Indigenous employment in the Hunter Region – after issues with a failed Joint Venture. With ServeGate’s assistance, YCE has successfully:

  • Obtained a National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) Grant for civil and earth machinery
  • Enhanced the CEO’s operational management experience
  • Established sufficient trading history to apply for Working Capital funding
  • Grown the directors’ skill and experience in corporate governance
  • Established and developed relationships with potential customers, suppliers, and collaborators

YCE has now achieved a major milestone on its development path – the repayment of its operating capital loan. The loan, facilitated by ServeGate and provided by YCE customer the Daracon Group, was employed to support the initial operation of YCE’s Caterpillar machines, provided by Westrac under funding from the NIAA grant.
This milestone means YCE is maturing to become a self-sufficient, sustainable Indigenous business. ServeGate considers YCE’s development to be another success story towards achieving the ServeGate mission of ‘championing micro, small and Indigenous business capabilities to corporations and government for economic and community benefit’ and meeting its objective ‘to see Indigenous businesses gaining access to sustainable and significant work’.