ServeGate staff attended the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) launch of the ‘IndigiCyber and STEM Pathways Program’.  ASPI has been engaged by the Department of Defence to research and investigate strategies to deliver STEM career pathways to the Indigenous Community in Northern Australia.  The IndigiCyber event brought together Indigenous IT companies and the Department of Defence to consider how to strengthen the Indigenous IT ecosystem.

The event, a combination of symposium and trade show, gave ServeGate and 19 other selected Indigenous companies an opportunity to show their capabilities via a booth, and to listen to the speakers from NIAA, Defence, and Digital Transformation Agency (DTA).  ServeGate was also selected to give a brief overview of its capabilities to the symposium.

Overall a very successful event, with the opportunity to discuss ServeGate aspirations and capabilities with potential member businesses and ServeGate customers at Defence IPP, Defence Estate & Infrastructure and DTA.