Acting as a contract and project manager, ServeGate secures work for an aggregated group of Micro, Small and Indigenous (MSI) businesses, who function as subcontractors.

How we help

ServeGate’s extensive knowledge of its customers and operating environment provides the basis for invaluable guidance for newer MSI businesses entering established markets.  We provide member subcontractors with almost daily operational advice and mentoring.  Detailed mentoring to improve the alignment of Requests for Quote responses with the customers stated needs is offered, as well as guidance on proposal pricing.

ServeGate offers more detailed mentoring, advice and assistance to Indigenous member subcontractors (see Indigenous Impact).  When capacity and resources are available, ServeGate also provides tailored business advice and support to non-Indigenous member subcontractors.

Business mentoring

ServeGate offers mentoring, advice and assistance to member-subcontractor businesses. This service is mostly, but not exclusively, provided to Indigenous subcontractors, in parallel with our Restoring Country initiative. The focus of these activities is to advise and assist selected Indigenous subcontractors to develop, implement and refine their business plan. Selected assistance may be available to non-Indigenous members to address specific business plan implementation activities, dependent on ServeGate’s internal priorities and resource availabilities.

The advice and assistance offered to subcontractors may include:

  • Writing a business plan from scratch
  • Providing help in accessing business plan development guidance.
  • Support in implementing a business plan provided by an external consultant
  • Guidance on expansion opportunities of a business plan and updating the business plan as the business grows
  • “Deep dive” assistance on specific aspects of the business plan such as invoicing or relationship management.
  • Long term mentoring to mature the business, ensuring commercial viability as a subcontractor.