Muru Management Consulting (Muru) owners approached ServeGate to assist in resolving issues with a Defence business opportunity. A legal impediment prevented Muru directly engaging Defence, and Muru lacked the panel membership needed for contracting. Muru also required advice and assistance on the contract management aspects of Defence engagement.

While Muru had the necessary skill sets that its Defence customer needed, Muru owners previous employment arrangements offered a potential legal impediment. And while Muru is a wholly Indigenous owned, Supply Nation registered company that can contract with Defence via the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP), neither it, not its Defence customer, has the experience to utilise this contracting method.

Once referred to ServeGate for assistance, Muru was able to utilise ServeGate’s experience with the mechanics and application of restriction clauses. Subsequent amicable negotiations allowed Muru to be engaged by Defence without impediment. ServeGate was then able to utilise its Defence Support Services (DSS) Panel membership to subcontract Muru to provide its skills to Defence.

ServeGate greatly assisted Muru’s journey to commercial viability and self-sufficiency by providing advice and assistance on Commonwealth Procurement methodologies and contract and business management. ServeGate’s not-for-profit based cost recovery management fee enabled Muru to use contract income to rapidly build its financial resources, enabling investment in business infrastructure and employment of Indigenous staff.

Muru subsequently achieved its own DSS Panel membership and is now capable of operating independently from ServeGate.