Koori Cartage Pty Ltd (Koori) is a wholly-owned Indigenous truck and haulage company based in Leppington, NSW. ServeGate was engaged by Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) to assist Koori in creating a Business Plan. Working at the bottom level of a multi-tiered civil and infrastructure industry, the Koori owner found it necessary to stop working at 3 PM every day to ring around his contracts to find work for the following day. The rates they were being paid were barely sufficient to cover their operating costs.

After ServeGate provided a business plan to Koori – for which it was paid by IBA – ServeGate continued to work with Koori’s owner to move up the supply chain tier on a pro bono basis. ServeGate approached Lendlease directly and lobbied its senior management, operations staff, procurement staff, and the Indigenous Liaison Officer to provide the Koori the opportunity to become a direct supplier. ServeGate successfully negotiated approval from all parties in Lendlease to enable Koori to go through the process. ServeGate then assisted Koori’s owner to complete the Lendlease prequalification paperwork.

Koori is now a Tier 1 supplier to Lendlease and has gained valuable experience in working for Lendlease, which will help it gain work from other Tier 1 companies. Koori management is assured of ongoing work.

ServeGate continues to work with Koori providing pro bono mentoring, business advice and business contacts, assisting Koori to grow and become an independent business.