ServeGate is excited to be working with Volunteering ACT in the development of a program that will enable the safe and effective utilisation of appropriately qualified volunteers.  These volunteers will supplement the ServeGate team in providing micro, small and Indigenous (MSI) member subcontractors with mentoring and business advice on topics such as:

  • Governance – Boards, Chair, Directors and CEO roles, business vision/ purpose/ strategy
  • Management – business planning, metrics and KPIs, internal reporting, external reporting, organisational and data structures, risk management/SWOT, compliance / legislation / regulation / licencing, insurance
  • Operations – contracts, subcontracts, supply chains, customer relations, operating locations, cultural permissions
  • Finances – budgeting, ATO reporting, invoicing, accounting software, pays and allowances, banking and record keeping
  • Business Development – understanding the market, marketing strategies and plans, channels to market, branding, pricing, capability statements, proposal development, differentiators
  • Human resources – employment contracts, employee entitlements, recognition and rewards, training, recruiting
  • Information management – IT systems, cyber security, business intelligence

Volunteering ACT is providing ServeGate with reference sources and guidance on:

  • Identifying appropriate volunteer roles
  • Writing volunteer position descriptions
  • Insurance and liability legislation
  • Infrastructure and support required by volunteers 
  • Developing a recognition program for volunteers
  • Reviewing volunteer management practices against the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement
  • Sharing best practice strategies for volunteer management.

The ServeGate Volunteering Program is planned for launch in early 2021.