ServeGate folks attended the Yarpa Hub annual Meet the Buyer event at Yarpa’s Western Sydney headquarters in Liverpool in October 2020.  40 fantastic Indigenous businesses got to meet with 15 potential buyers.  With 15 minute one on one sessions, Indigenous businesses were able to pitch, connect and form business relationships.  Speed dating on a commercial scale!

The enthusiasm and positive energy in the room was palpable, and ServeGate was in the unique position of attending as a buyer (of the capabilities of the Yarpa Hub Indigenous businesses), as a seller (offering ServeGate’s capabilities to the buyers) and having a number of our own Indigenous subcontractors attending in their own right.  ServeGate will sign up a number of new member subcontractors from this event and will be much better positioned to resource our Restoring Country initiatives.

See if you can identify the ServeGate folks from the back of their heads – all very busy at the Yarpa Hub ‘Meet the Buyer’ event